Tuesday, June 3, 2014

With Baphomet on the Left Hand Path (Part III)

                                          The sacrifice Baphomet loves. Drawn by my hand.

However, as if  all the inert masses of the Abyss of Dispersion are now allied in opposing the change. Their reaction is greater than the action. Though one’s chances of victory seem real, at the climax of the war one is betrayed by one’s most trusted captains who are afraid of the real aeonic change. The legions of the Star are catastrophically defeated. One’s Tower of Power is ruined. The new aeon is aborted, a new obscurant age is at hand. The Human-centric Model is restored. The slightest form of sympathy for the fallen regime is persecuted. Once more the Inquisition lives via the restored humanist psychology which considers the separation of the Self from the All as a cancerous psychopathology and the suspected are put under a special treatment and scientific investigations lest there is some  recidivation in the future.

After a long struggle in the wilderness the last resistance is extinguished. One is surrounded, one’ suicidal attempt fails, and one is captured alive. One is to be forced to watch the torture and execution of one’s mistress in the hands of some subhuman rednecks prior to be put under a special treatment oneself. Before legality is restored the wronged ones are given the carte-blanche to fully release their revenge. They violate her before one’s eyes and skin her alive while others take turns to fuck one in the ass in front of her extinguishing eyes, then one is impaled, one’s penis cut off, thrust into one’s mouth, then some gasoline is poured on one’s agonizing body and ignited... The survived prisoners are given to the People’s Court to receive the sentence of death for their crimes against Humanity. Then the victims of the accursed regime are turned into saints.

One’s huge “WHY?” echoes to the alleged egregore of Life on this planet. “For the glory of Satan, of course!” replies Baphomet. Now through the final awareness of Death is the Cosmic Offence realized. It’s a lie that the best ones survive, Life doesn’t belong to anybody, Nature isn’t interested in the individual, the Self is meaningless for Life whatever meaning the Self  has given to Life. Neither is the Human-centric model, nor is the Life-centric model adequate to explain the Mystery of Existence for the Self. As if it’s really the Fuckup, so advocated by the chaos magicians, which mostly rules the outcome. Yet one has become One with one’s Muse via the obscene ecstasy experienced in the face of Death, thus separating  one’s Anima from the Collective  Unconsciousness, and oneSelf from the Abyss of Dispersion though being therein.

Poisoned to the uttermost by the Cosmic Offence one’s dead Self  has become an impossible morsel for the alleged Life’s egregore, so one retains one’s integrity by secreting one’s necro-energies around one’s empty core thus remaining separate from Baphomet.  But Who the hell is Baphomet? “Only when separate one may communicate with the Things. I was all  things known and forgotten. Now I am perfect being not. Yet I am I where evil sorcery is done in my name - something unseen, beyond the known and the many. Inhuman am I. I am alone, there is no god where I am. I am the poison of existence most desirable and most unbearable. I am both, I am really both, but those of chaos and their sacred fuckup cannot withstand my evil. Their nihilism can reformulate either 'God', or 'matter' only. Such is the human matrix.  Inhuman we are. Order against Chaos! Chaos against  Order! thus I rule the Abyss of Dispersion; fascism against hippies, natural disasters against establishment, alien control over the planet etc. Now you are not as I am not. You are poisoned by the voluptuous fullness of being. But they took away thy time on the earth. Shall you have it back? Vengeance I do respect. This way then, but this time you won’t be alone against the many and the known.”

7 heterosexual couples are gathered in the sacred unholy place. Being excited to death by the appropriate ritual, they indulge in obscene ecstasies. They are all to synchronize their climax. One of the couples, not known which one, is to be slain by the Watchers. They will choose themselves. Their simultaneous implosion and explosion will open the gate for 6 intrusions from the Outside. One of them is oneSelf who is conceived again in human form. 6 children are to be grown in different parts of the world. They are to bring together the New Aeon of Joydread on the Earth that will leave humanity behind. (End.)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

With Baphomet on the Left Hand Path (Part II)

(a project of mine for Atu VII; its symbolism is based not on the qabalistic Tree of Life, but on the sevenfold Tree of Wyrd, where this path connects the Sphere of the Sun with the Sphere of the Moon)

The psychedelic interest aroused in the 1960s, as well as the postmodern currents of the 1970s, though  sprung up spontaneously in their existing cultural conditions now also serve the anti-Self agenda of the above-mentioned cliché-makers. In fact the hedonism replaced the asceticism as a means of  Self-denial. There is neither true adeptship, nor mastership of magic to make sense of the chaotic intrusions from the Abyss and to find a new Meaning of Life, adequate to meet the coming Aeon. If there were actual masters of magic the world would be different. Paradoxically enough, there is a huge mass of sentient beings, whose ideas of the Things serve nothing except to increase the inertia of the follies against the Self. Until the Vision of the Abyss of Dispersion drives them totally mad.

The Devil, or Baphomet stands for the Self despite of all mystic doctrines, religions, governments, psychedelic hippies, and chaos magicians. Ego is merely the Greek for Self, probably a temporary unit of consciousness, which however has the chance of gaining integrity, or unity, and thus immortality. The Ego is where our being’s Focus of Awareness is fixed in the Abyss of Dispersion, and the power of that Focus of Awareness to make sense of that particular world it perceives. What makes us all humans is that we share a comparatively common fixation of the Focus of Awareness within our beings. Thus we perceive an objective consensus reality and we are almost totally lost in its details. Both the favor and the harm of that fixation are obvious for the Sorcerer. It may enslave one by imprisoning one into a fixed reality, but it also may make sense of the reality one perceives instead of being exposed to the permanent chaos of the Abyss. What distinguishes the Sorcerers from the rest of humanity is that they are able to unfix their Focus of Awareness, and fix it on other spots of the Abyss thus perceiving other worlds and making sense thereof. The identities may change, even the human form may change, but the  “I” as the Sorcerer’s Focus of Awareness remains and evolves. In fact there exist only “I” and the Abyss. Again, the Devil stands for the Self , that is, Zero stands for the Self in a mysterious way. The Devil is the Zero Energy of the Abyss of Dispersion, the Dark Force, the Sorcerer seeks to master. Inspired by the devil Baphomet, the “I” separates from everything which is not “I” [1-(-1)=2] and unites with everything which is recognizable as “I” were it even of the opposite energy charge [1+(-1)= 0], an unending process. Thus are the things held in division (0=2) that the Self and the Abyss of Dispersion may exist separately from each other. Of course, these abstractions explain nothing, since the Mystery of the Unknowable remains.

On a larger, or on a smaller scale, due to the present aeonic pattern the first phases of the Sorcerer’s Initiation often follow a certain comparatively repeating catastrophic, tragic pattern, or model. Therefore what follows might sound a bit cognate to certain folks. Now it’s a magical fact for those able to get it, that we perceive the tides of the Abyss in patterns, or models, and that we are unconsciously conditioned to do it by what is known as the “aeon”. The closer one comes to the Abyss, the more one realizes the Human-centric Model as irrelevant, and starts to adopt a certain Life-centric Model wherein the human is just a means to something greater. 

One starts to ride the surges of the Wyrd and as if there is nothing to stop one from fulfilling one’s triumphant Will. The mysterious Providence now assumes a starry dimension; the ancient Solar Deity is here again to inspire the awe but this time by the Star of our system seen as it is - the very source of all Life upon the Earth. One is now the Star’ sovereign proxy on the planet. Again the Pharaoh is the Flesh of the Sun, and the People - the Pharaoh’s Flesh. Though “every man and woman is a star”, this is a potential only, the most of  humans will never want even to hear about, so they represent a part of the inert mass of the Abyss of Dispersion. Their only chance of  meaningful Life is to obey the Pharaoh. His attainment will be their attainment as well. The non-individuated individual won’t pretend anymore of one’s own way except by doing one’s duty. Those who know their wills should know also that they are to work in concert with the Central Will. The personal concern will take care of itself, if a suprapersonal ideal is aimed - that of the Starry Imperium. The work of the mediocre won’t be anymore treated equally with that of the man of genius. The opinion of those who have neither experienced, nor suffered what they claim won’t be taken into consideration alike with that of those who have risked their lives for their ideas. The competency of those who confuse information with culture won’t be of any value anymore. No access to wealth and power will be allowed to the rednecked primitive peasant anymore. Any idea that doesn’t serve the ideal of the Starry Imperium, or contradicts its aesthetics, is regarded as decadent, and discarded. The equation Word =Deed constitutes the Code of Honour. The armed legions of the Star are ready for the Holy War of establishing the new world order.  
(To be continued)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chapter 4 of Liber XXVIII - Ayin Ein Æon

After sharing the introduction, first chapter, second chapter and third chapter to Liber XXVIII - Ayin Ein Æon, a short book claimed to have been received by Baphomet hirself, we are now sharing the forth and final chapter.

It is being shared with permission from the transcriber of the book, Florian-Ayala Fauna.

"distilled i-vii" by Florian-Ayala Fauna

Liber Eros – 25 March 2013 – Spring Equinox – Dove - Pentagram - Earth

What shall be of Love in the new aeon when all is almost at an end? For those with the select mind, body, and soul, they shall be rewarded with pleasures thrice greater than they give to others. Love is the truest virtue, pleasure being in one with this. All those true to themselves shall give and receive pleasure. Love is the law.

Lust freely for one another for every person of every kind and on bended knees ask thee for pleasure. Pleasure shall be shared amongst all free souls. Christ and Anti-Christ shall produce a child of the new Aeon, one devoted to Love and Pleasure. They shall travel the earth in search of delights unknown to the Heavens or Hells, only reserved for the Earthly. Their name shall be Ba’al. They shall be one of many saviors of our time in this new Aeon for which I am the Sinner and Saint of.

Light the incense, may it be frankincense or myrrh or whatever your true passion desires. Create a magical circle inscribed with the Holy names of the new Aeon. A couple of feet away, construct the Triangle of Art with the names of the primal elements inscribed in Black or White. Whilst making love with your lover or lovers, conjure up a Spirit in the triangle and ask for essential questions. Let your passions control the conversation, for the spirit shall not control you in such ecstasy. In the state of true bliss and gnosis, license them to depart. Perform a banishing ritual and clear the space.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chapter 3 of Liber XXVIII - Ayin Ein Æon

Having shared the introductionthe first chapter, and the second chapter to Liber XXVIII - Ayin Ein Æon, a short book claimed to have been received by Baphomet hirself, we are now sharing the third chapter.

It is being shared with permission from the transcriber of the book, Florian-Ayala Fauna. We will be posting the last chapter this next Monday, sharing the final segment of this four-part book.

Witch's Sabbath, by Johfra Bosschart

Liber Eschatos – 24 March 2013 – Spring Equinox – Jackal – Heptagram - Water

What is the fate of this world of ours? It is that of a handful of dust or words written with a stick in water. It too shall burn like incense in a brass censer in time, like a wheel turning on its spoke, like a moth growing majestic to a flame. People shall make great journeys and pilgrimages across the world only to watch it fall apart. There shall be a global consciousness in the disintegration of our small universe.

Oh, how the petals of this flower shrivel and fade. But something is to be born of this, much like the Phoenix from one’s ashes. The chosen who bare wings, horns, claws, and teeth shall rise beyond the falling towers and collapsing bridges into the new Aeons that no one else fully foresaw.

This is the new dawn where there has been an eternal night. This is the voice to the echo we have been haunted by for O so long. This is the birth where there has been death, where towers have fallen, where empires have collapsed, where churches have crumbled. And so this is the Word of the new Aeon, this is the Word of the Children Divine. We are the Children Divine.

I am the Torch-Bearer to the new Aeon. I am Baphomet. I am Mercury. I am Hermes. I am Thoth. I am all. I am none. I am neither. I am.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Many Faces of Baphomet

God the Father by Julius Schnorr, 1860.

Growing up Mormon, I've been taught that God is this Being of Light and Purity and Love. I've learned to hate evil, to fight against it. I learned to hate parts of who I was, to hate certain actions and experiences and things others did.

Engraving of hermaphrodite from an 18th century version of the Rosarium philosophorum.

Baphomet has taught me to try to accept both the good and the bad, the strong and the weak. For me, Baphomet has come to become the Great Hermaphrodite. He/She represents me as a complete person, containing both good and bad, masculine and feminine, light and dark, weak and strong.

He/She also represents the Universe, full of good and evil, living and dead, human and animal. As I grow to love Him/Her, I grow to love every moment, both pleasurable and painful. At times, Baphomet has come to me in my mind's eye holding a yin yang symbol.

By Frederick C. Pape, from Children of the Dawn

Since He/She has taught me to love the moment, I've associated Him/Her with Pan, dancing in the forest. He/She teaches me to let go and love the moment. I see Hir handing me a goblet and telling me to drink of it and enjoy it fully so I can participate in Hir dance

Baphomet has also come to me in my mind's eye in the form of the Serpent, who I now view to be the hero in the Adam and Eve story. Here the Serpent was/is, trying to free us from this false dichotomy of good and evil, male and female, obedience and disobedience. (S)He helps us leave this childish, false utopia and enter a more complicated and unsure world we call Reality.

Since I'm a journalist and an activist, Hir form as the Serpent has been important for me. (S)He inspires me to bring the knowledge I find to the rest of humanity, to help bring the unknown and uncomfortable to light.

The Hermit from the Rider Waite Tarot.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chapter 2 of Liber XXVIII - Ayin Ein Æon

After sharing the introduction and the first chapter to Liber XXVIII - Ayin Ein Æon, a short book claimed to have been received by Baphomet hirself, we are now sharing the second chapter.

It is being shared with permission from the transcriber of the book, Florian-Ayala Fauna. We will be posting a blog post every Monday for the final two Mondays sharing the final segments of this four-part book.

"Inferno" by Giovanni da Modena (1479)

Liber Tsal – 24 March 2013 – Spring Equinox – Stag – Hexagram - Air

Within the Valley of the Shadow of Death, within the Depths of the Abyss, within the gorges of the Damned, we find the Tormented chewing away at their own flesh, gnashing teeth, and seeking Salvation. And this is exactly where we shall seek Enlightenment. We shall endure the Dark Night of the Soul in order to reach a Golden Dawn. We must endure the torment of Black Fire to reach the baptism of Holy Water. This is the Way, and these are the arrows, and these are the slings we must go through to reach the Aeons.

In the Valley of Gallows there lay doves made blackened and horned animals turned partially to ashes. The bodies are swinging by the wind of the Black Sea which comes to blow away the bones of men, women, and children and the dust upon those bones. The Earth is burning and cold to the touch at once, and there are whispers of malice in the air towards the wanderers searching in vain for salvation. But their search shall be rewarded. They shall endure. Even as the sun turns black and the moon has bled the soul endures even the worst agonies of the world.

The sun is towards the East and is filthy beyond all recognition. The moon is towards the West and is fallen. We tiptoe through twilight into dusk to embrace each other to await the new Aeon where our inner Darkness shall flourish as a new Light. The Heavens above shall become the Hells of below. We shall go alone into the Alone and beyond the Beyond. I am waiting for you. You shall return to Me. I am Day, I am Night, I am the Black Angel and the White, and I weep until your arrival. I am Baphomet. There shall be no resting in the world in the meantime. I shall return no more. I am beneath the sea, and I am above it. I am Christ, and I am Anti-Christ.

All hail the new birth of new death. There shall be no forms here after. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Wind to sea, sea to wind, earth to fire, fire to earth, and so on. All shall be united in the End. All shall be completed. This is the final century. I have anointed the Magus and the High Priestess, the Beast and the Lady Babylon. They shall destroy the Church, Caesaring Christ. The Eucharist will flee like deer from the mouths of Saints and into the Valleys of the Damned to save them from the Gallows of the Church. The Earth will rotate on its axis and the world will be flooded with Horse Gore and Flesh. Black Caesar shall whisper into the Pope’s ear and all the houses of men shall tremble at their word but those who have dared to bare horns, claws, and teeth shall be salvaged from the agony of their torment, for they are the true Anti-Christ. The blood of the innocent will coagulate into a black sea for which they shall be the wound of Christ upon the world. The doves will slaughter one another to save themselves. The fawns shall fall to their deaths as martyrs of the innocent and blessed. Angels shall weep long tears. And from these tears we swim upstream into salvation, for there is no other way. Save us from ourselves O Gentlest One. Show us the error of our ways most passionate One. Judge us and throw us away from the flames most noblest One. Dominion have mercy on us.

What does agony look like? It is the Shadow at the Bottom of the World. There, All is Black and made of steel and iron, there is no light. One is initiated into this Hell by an amniotic state or womb where all is flesh-like, only to discover that everything is covered in maggots and others flesh-eating beings. There are endless corridors, hallways, passages, and so on, and men march endlessly through valleys in black rags and chains. The demons wear masks of the faces of the flesh of men all stitched up like ragged dolls. Tossed about and thrown around like rags of nothing. All full of soot and useless. An endless night with no stars in sight, except for an elaborate opening in the ceiling sky of Hell where people come and go according to one’s fate.

This is the wound of the world, but not the first, and not the last. Just one of many. There shall be no resting in the mean time. We shall endure until the very end.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

With Baphomet on the Left Hand Path

Baphomet, drawn by the hand of Crimson Pond

No need to explain here at large that the Devil isn’t a Christian, or any other Abrahamic religion’s invention. As Crowley wrote “The Devil is, historically, the God of any people one personally dislikes”, so the Devil, or the Evil One has existed since the dawn of the  human history. On the other hand, that remark by Crowley was made to the bolded statement in Book 4, Part III, Chapter XXI, section II: “The Devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God.”
True, the Devil does not exist. S/he, or It is what Life lacked, lacks, and will ever lack. 

A mystery that will never be understood. S/he, or It is what inspires us to “create what shouldn’t be created, and to “destroy what shouldn’t be destroyed”.* Thus S/he, or It introduces the Path of Evil by making us to realize the Cosmic Offence that not only Life does not belong to us, but that we do not own even our individual lives, being driven by unknown unconscious forces, that we are a temporary formations of energy, which are to be dissolved in some immense ocean of energy wherefrom new and unrecognizable formations will emerge to replace us, that the individual consciousness and the self mean nothing after all. 

 The very image of Baphomet as portrayed by E. Levi and by many others after him shows an absurd, paradoxical being, something impossible to exist, something monstrous beyond what seems to be of the existing order of nature. As some stubborn fellow-countrymen of mine would curtly say: “There’s no such an animal!” Indeed, except partly, no mythology in the documented human history could witness the existence of such a deity as well. Moreover, comprising all the elements, all possible life forms and sexes,  Baphomet implies self-sufficiency, which is also something impossible in nature, where everything is interdependent. So for the time being, Baphomet is an appropriate symbol of the Devil who does not exist.

Therefore, mathematically, the Devil, or Baphomet, has a Zero Unity. S/he, or It is just a chance of Unity in an Abyss of Dispersion, what in fact the universe may come out to be despite of the wishful expectations of both mystics and scientists. We still know nothing after all.

However, those who try to make use of that chance, or to take a credit from the Devil, are mostly failures. Such is the human weakness. Well it’s quite naturally in the early phase of one’s evolution a certain human-centric model of the cosmos to be adopted. When undressed till stark naked and deprived of any tools, the human is also an absurd being at the background of the climate of that planet and its predatory nature. The human origin remains a mystery despite of all religious and scientific speculations. Having survived nevertheless and imposed  its dominance on that planet, it’s naturally therefore for the human being to make of itself the center of the cosmos.

Coming closer to the Abyss of Dispersion, however, one starts to realize that the human is a means of Life, rather than vice versa. All those consumerist ideas of “God” made the human after His own image, of giving him power over all the fishes in the sea, over all the birds in sky, and over all the beasts in the field have led to that detrimental civilization which today threatens the whole organic life on the planet. Life, being itself a mystery, may take the necessary measures of discarding that which threatens the rest of its forms and create a better means of expressing its sentience. 

How boring and ridiculous is indeed the “spiritual attainment” of those who claim to have attained “the unity with God”, the Oneness within that human-centric model, based on the safety of human species only. Those fellows use to live in a artificial human-centric clockwork Universe full of harmony and “karma”, which allows no deviation. There are also those timid perverts who regard the deviation itself  as a means of “God” to make the “prodigal sons” turning back to “Him”. They may even regard themselves as pagans, or as wiccans, but despite of their claims they still remain irremediable monotheists.  The cherished aim of becoming  “All in One, and One in All” is where everything ends, a bubble of illusion. In fact, they project their human ego they allegedly deny, unto the universe. According to a certain magical experience, those who claim to have “seen  God”, have seen in the best case the Human Egregore, or the field of energy generated by the human species. (Strange enough, why then they do not see that egregore as a hermaphrodite, as it should be - containing both the human sexes, but still see it as a male?)That egregore, however, presents a very small part of the Life Force, which after all comes out to have little to do with the human projections made onto it.

The cliché-makers of any genuine magical concept - what the “Brothers of the Right Hand Path” actually are, the guardians of the Old Aeon and the status quo, seek to gain some time against the genuine forces of the New Aeon - forces, which could be recognized by their both sinister and refreshing energy. The hypocrisy and magical incompetence of these magical censors is particularly manifested in modern times via the “New Age” movement with all its pseudo-ecologic care, vegan manias, political correctness, feminism, leftism etc. turning any survived remnant of  genuine paganism into a mediocre and conformist piece of shit. They are on their way to separate the symbol of Baphomet from the Devil and turn it into a substitute for their need of monotheism - thus hoping to simulate some Life-centric model, yet with all the human morality projected thereunto plus certain anti-ego elements taken from the Buddhists - another set of total spiritual decadents and nihilists, hiding behind a religious dogma and hoping to attain the zero existence of Nirvana by mortification of their desires lest they turn them back to the flesh of suffering. (To be continued...)

*This was a part from an addressing to the Sumerian goddess Inanna, a deity so misused by the new-age wiccans, who fatally attribute Her to the “Mother-Goddess”, or to the “Moon Goddess”.